Camel Ride in the Palm Grove of Marrakech


What would a true trip to Morocco be without riding a camel? Like big, slow, furry horses, these desert steeds are fun and easy to ride. Your guide will pick you up from your Marrakech hostel, drive you twenty minutes or so out to the Palm Grove as a drop-off point. There are eight or so camels, with back harnesses so you’re not uncomfortably propped between the humps. For a nice authentic feel, they put the djellaba (classic Moroccan sleeved robe) on you, with a head scarf to shield your neck from the sun. It makes you feel cooler and look even dorkier. A guide leads your camel on a half hour ride through palm trees out to a shaded house with a patio, where you’re given homemade mint tea and crackers. Then you hop back on the camel and come home, with options to stop along the way and get your picture taken. Because if your friends can’t see you riding the camel, they can’t get jealous.


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