Singapore Dishes: Top Five Dishes to Sample

Primarily recognized as a financial hub, Singapore is an incredibly diverse country. Its population is descended from a variety of regions, including China, Malaysia, India, and Eurasia — so its not surprising that such a rich mix of cultures gives rise to some great cuisine. In Singapore, you can find a vast array of flavors to satisfy any epicurean fancy. Below is a just …


Songkran in Thailand : How to celebrate Thai New Year

It’s impossible to hit the streets during Songkran in Thailand, without being hit with streams of water. Songkran is a festival in celebration of the Thai New Year. Originally, water used to symbolize cleansing—to literally wash away the previous year. The more traditional aspect of the festivities is pouring scented water over the shoulders and hands of elders in a request for blessing. Most of …


Traveling Responsibly in Siem Reap

Spoons Siem Reap EGBOK

Nearly 30 years after the genocide, Cambodia still faces social challenges and a fragile economy, but tourism is playing an important role in accelerating growth. Traveling to Siem Reap? There are plenty of ways to make sure your trip has a positive impact. Start by supporting local restaurants, shops, hotels and tour operators who are working hard to build a prosperous, peaceful community. Here are six of our favorite options for those looking to travel responsibly in Siem Reap.


Gang Flavor: Thai Curries Explained

Green Curry Gang Kee-o Wahn Thai Curries

Farang (thai for someone of european ancestry) often have difficulty attempting to distinguish between thai curries (gang) thanks to their often-similar ingredients, explosive spiciness, and common coconut base.


Exploring Beijing’s Ancient Alleyways

ancient alleys beijing placepass blog

In Beijing’s ancient alleyways, known as hutong, time seems to flow backwards. Local merchants peddle rice, fruit, and vegetables on rickshaws, calling out the day’s prices just as they have for centuries. Groups of weathered, wizened men play leisurely games of Mahjong. Incense from local temples wafts through the air, and colorful offerings dot the feet of Buddhist icons.

Five Great Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of


Kangaroo Island – also known as “KI” – is just a 45 minute ferry from the Australian mainland, however it offers incredible opportunities to get up close and personal with Australia’s wildlife in their natural habitat. Much like the Galapagos Islands, animals on KI have been protected from most predators and so they are very friendly and trusting.