Sydney Bridge Climb: A View Unlike Any Other

 On my first day in Sydney, I climbed a hill to watch the sun set over the city. I didn’t know the name of anything yet and the city seemed enormous. With the glow of an orange sky in the background, I remember being able to make out a handful of figures ascending the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I …

Sydney – Top 10 Things To Do

Ah, Sydney. From the sail-like roof of the Opera House to the world famous Bondi Beach, it is home to many of the most famous Australian landmarks. Here are our top ten picks for things to do in Sydney, Australia.


Helping Turtles Surmount Hurdles in Australia

Care of Hedland Helping turtles

One of the best reasons to visit Port Hedland, Australia might be to play turtle nursemaid and protector for a few weeks in the summer. Every year from November to February, the beaches of Port Hedland become thriving turtle nurseries, as flatback sea turtles return to their native nesting sites to lay and bury clutches of eggs in the sand.

Five Great Destinations You’ve Never Heard Of


Kangaroo Island – also known as “KI” – is just a 45 minute ferry from the Australian mainland, however it offers incredible opportunities to get up close and personal with Australia’s wildlife in their natural habitat. Much like the Galapagos Islands, animals on KI have been protected from most predators and so they are very friendly and trusting.