Four Perfect Dates in Paris

There are a million options for cute dates in Paris; after all, it didn’t earn the nickname City of Love for nothing. Here’s how to take the classic dinner and a movie and make date night in Paris more authentically French.

Musée du Vin

Musée du Vin Date Night in Paris

What’s more romantic than starting your date in a wine museum? Plus, the price of admission gets you a glass of wine.

Chez Maurice

le bourgogne chez maurice date night in paris

Courtesy of www.justacote.com

The wooden interior and traditional French cuisine of this 10ème restaurant will surely bring romance to your date.

Cinémathèque Française

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Head to this theater to snuggle during a classic French film, or peruse the exhibits of costumes and props from the history of cinema.

Pont des Arts

Canenas au Pont des Arts à Paris Date night in Paris

End your date at this famously romantic bridge—for the past few years, couples have been attaching cadenas d’amour (love padlocks) to it to express their burning passions. Although the government is barring visitors from continuing this practice, you can still head here to express your newfound love.

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  1. Gives a few great ideas of what to do, what to see. But, there isn’t a lot of detail. Perhaps a bit more of the history? The romantic in me loves the padlock fence. Officials should be encouraging it vs. discouraging.

  2. I never thought I would go see a French film till now! The Cinémathèque Française is one of the most beautiful buildings I had ever seen! I plan on going to Paris in the near future so I will be sure to check that one out for myself! My husband will likely enjoy it as well.

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