Dirt Mountain Biking in Oahu

Mountain Biking through the Ka’a’awa Valley

Is white sand nice? Yes. Is turquoise water cool? For sure, bruh. But while we at PlacePass endorse good hygiene, sometimes that stuff just gets old. Sometimes, you need to get caked in mud while mountain biking. (But, statistically, probably some manure, too.)

Fulfill your dirty desires through the exhilarating Dirt Mountain Bike Tour on Kualoa Ranch in Kaaawa Valley. Take a 10-mile loop through the astonishingly beautiful setting that served as the backdrop for Jurassic Park, Lost, Godzilla, and countless other “what-is-this-strange-place-this-can’t-be-Earth” films.

Be warned: your ride through the fog-covered, mountain-lined valley will be occasionally strenuous and always muddy, but the enthusiastic, should-be-fitness-coaches guides will support you all the way through.

They treat you to water and granola bars at the start and a hearty lunch at the end, so that your rare two-hour athletic endeavor can be sandwiched between the sweet comfort of carbs. Seriously, though, these misty mountains and prehistoric looking plants are an Oahu must-see, and let’s face it. If you’re running around half-naked at the beach, it doesn’t hurt to have toned that six-pack a bit.

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