Discover Paris on a Budget

We probably don’t have to tell you that Paris is full of famous sights—there’s a reason you’re coming here in the first place. Luckily, the many gardens and cemeteries can be traversed for free, so you can save your money for the still-reasonable museum fees (or spend it all on chocolate crepes—we aren’t judging you).


MUSEE DU LOUVRE: If you can hold off your Mona Lisa cravings until Friday, the Louvre is free for everyone under 26 after 6pm.

LES DISQUAIRES: If you don’t want to pay for concert tickets, this bar hosts free live music every night at 8pm.

PARIS MUSEUMS: Get ready for one seriously busy day: most of Paris’s museums open their doors for free on the first Sunday of each month.

INVALIDES: If you’re penny-pinching, don’t pay to enter the war museums—the rest of the complex is free and has samples from each collection.


MUSEE DELACRIOX: The mastermind behind Liberty Leading the People called this place home before it was converted into a museum to showcase his collection.

LE JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG: This garden complex used to be exclusively for royalty, but you no longer have to be rolling in crown jewels to get in.

MUSEE DE LA CHASSE ET DE LA NATURE: Be forewarned: “trophies” in here are less gold and more stuffed animal, and we don’t mean teddy bears.

EGLISE SAINT-EUSTACHE: Not only is this famed church free to enter, but it even has a one up on Notre Dame: its pipe organ is the largest in France.

MUSEE DES ARTS DECORATIFS: One ticket gives you gain access to three museums: Interior Design, Fashion and Fabric, and Advertisement.

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