How to Have Dinner in Thessaloniki

Wait. Then wait some more. Check your watch and listen to your stomach grumbling, and then wait a little bit more. If you try to eat dinner at 6 o’clock a local may alert the authorities that someone has escaped from the insane asylum. In Thessaloniki fashion, try to go closer to 9 or 10. Next, walk around the main parts of the city center desperately trying to find something other than alcohol. If you’re looking for fare more substantial than a cheese plate or a piece of toast in the evening, you’ll be met with disappointment at most of the cafes around the busy tourist areas, who tend to focus more on liquid sustenance. Resign yourself to cooking at the hostel instead, only to realize that the supermarkets are the only thing in Thessaloniki that’s not open to ungodly hours. Finally, shrug your shoulders and get some souvlaki. By this point you’ll be ravenous, and this cheap and easy option will end up seducing you. Plus, a little meat, bread, and french fries never hurt anybody. (We are not doctors.)

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