Magically Delicious Guide to Ireland

Did you find a four-leaf clover? You must’ve, since you’re lucky enough to be in Ireland, the land of leprechauns and pots o’ gold. Okay, maybe that’s just the Ireland in our heads and on cereal boxes. But, believe it or not, the real Ireland is better. What is better than tiny green men and rainbows, you ask? Well, full-grown Irishmen (with brogues) and fish ’n’ chips. (Do rainbows leave you with the ever-satisfying food coma? I don’t think so. But, then again, we’ve never eaten a rainbow before.) Ireland is chock full of castles and pubs, parks and Riverdance. There is a reason why a country that sees so much rain is full of so many happy people. So follow this magically delicious guide to Ireland to see what all those Irish are smiling about.

La Vita – Dublin

Head to Dublin’s La Vita for their Salad of Hearts and other vegetarian delights.

Reel Inn – Donegal Town

Get a taste of Ireland as you sip down the frothy shamrock the Reel Inn draws in the foam of your Guinness.

Morning Stars – Belfast

Offering an unbeatable buffet during the day and a raucous pub at night, the Morning Star is one of Belfast’s gems.

Pantibar – Dublin

A different kind of tasty, LGBT-friendly Pantibar gets pumpin’ on the weekends.

Bleeding Horse Tavern – Dublin

If you’re looking for a traditional Irish experience, hit up the Bleeding Horse Tavern and sidle up to the bar.

Half Moon Crepes – Dublin

Half Moon Crepes in Dublin will leave you feeling anything but blue.

Bookfinder’s Cafe – Belfast

Right off of what was known as Belfast’s “Golden Mile,” Bookfinder’s Cafe is rich with classic literature and a comfortable atmosphere.

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  1. Good that I came across this, I have been making plans of visiting Ireland early next year. Guess I will follow this magically delicious guide to Ireland in January and see what all those Irish are smiling about.

  2. I am going to have to show my friend this post! She is a HUGE Lucky Charms cereal fan and has Irish bloodlines. She is planning on visiting her native land next summer for 3 months. From what I know, it is one of the most humble and beautiful places in the world with a long standing ground of morals and just generally good people. I will be researching these places myself.

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