Manoa Waterfall in Oahu, Hawaii

Model Status:

You know those pictures of obscenely attractive Instagram models posing under a rainforest waterfall, their makeup weirdly intact? Or maybe those scenes in period dramas where the forbidden lovers have a steamy make-out sesh in a serene still-water pool (also under a waterfall)?

Well, the Manoa Valley Waterfall is (or should be) where all that stuff goes down. And though you’ll see fewer Instagram models than adorable families with selfie sticks, this Oahu Nature Tours adventure provides much more than selfie-taking practice. All the guides have studied environmental science, botany, ornithology, or some other scientific field whose professors all wear ponytails. So when they lead your group’s scenic, two-hour hike through the rainforest, they can give you actual scientific answers to “What the hell is that polka-dotted bird?” and “If I eat this funky plant, will I die?”

Fun fact:

The Jurassic Park movies were filmed in Manoa Valley, both because the plant life is picturesque enough for film and because there may or may not be some dinosaurs running around the incredibly prehistoric-looking park. Just kidding, you’ll be told many times that the only animals native to Hawaii are birds. So realistically, you’ll only get eaten by a pterodactyl.

Now go on:

strap on some hiking boots, grab a water bottle, and be that hot person under a waterfall you long to see in the world.

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