Meat Lovers, Meet Croatian Food

Croatian food: Restaurants line a small street in Croatia.
Restaurants line a small street in Croatia. Photo credit: Michelle Maria.

Meat lovers are spoiled for choice in Croatia. Although Croatian food varies by region, with strong Italian influences in Istria and an emphasis on seafood in Dalmatia, visitors to Zagreb and its surrounding areas will find most Croatian menus dominated by meat — from lamb to pork, and from duck to veal. Here’s a short list of our favorite meaty meals:

Pršut – Home-cured ham from the coastal highlands of Istria and Dalmatia. Try this as a prelude to your meal— pršut served with cheese is a popular starter.

Sarma – Another starter, this dish consists of pickled cabbage leaves, stuffed with minced meat.

Croatian Food: Most Croatian menus are dominated by delicious meat.
Most Croatian menus are dominated by delicious meat. Photo credit: Nicholas Lapierre.

Čevapčići – A grilled dish made with minced beef and spices, often served with onions and a paprika and eggplant relish called ajvar.

Mješano meso – This mixed grill entrée includes a pork or veal cutlet, minced lamb or beef, and sausage, with ajvar on the side.

Pašticada – Served on special occasions, this Dalmatian dish consists of a beef joint cooked in wine, vinegar, and prunes.

Gulaš – Croatia’s lighter take on Hungarian goulash, this stew may be made with beef, lamb, or veal.

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