Our Favorite Big Island Hawaiian Sunsets

1. Mauna Kea. Because the air at the summit is so clear, the sunsets are world-class. The summit has the added benefit of being above the clouds, making for a grand perspective. Stay late for some stargazing.

2. Makalawena Beach.  Makalawena Beach has all the elements for a picture-perfect beach sunset. The seemingly endless horizon may be your best chance to see the elusive “green flash.” Be sure to pack a flashlight so you can find your way back.

3. Pololu Lookout. A Feet up from the ocean crashing below, this jagged stretch of coastline bursts with sunset pastels in the evening. Maui looms just to the left if you’re facing the ocean.

4. Waipio Lookout. Waipio is picturesque anytime, but when the setting sun strikes the valley, the viewing conditions are golden in more ways than one.

5. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, end of Chain of Craters Rd. This area of the park is best known for the after-dark views of lava hitting the ocean, but come an hour earlier to watch day fade to night.

6. South Point. The roar of the ocean here provides the perfect sound track for the dropping sun.

7. Huggo’s on the Rocks. Not all the best sunsets are remote. Huggo’s sets the stage for tropical paradise photo-ops with a sunset from the window.

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