Sydney Bridge Climb: A View Unlike Any Other

View of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.
View of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Photo Credit: Adam J.W.C.

 On my first day in Sydney, I climbed a hill to watch the sun set over the city. I didn’t know the name of anything yet and the city seemed enormous. With the glow of an orange sky in the background, I remember being able to make out a handful of figures ascending the arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was excited about the prospect of getting to know this city that was so new and unfamiliar to me and I kept the image of those figures climbing the bridge in the back of my mind during my month in Sydney. 

View of the harbor from the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Photo Credit: Hjalmar Gerbig.

Towards the end of my month in Sydney, I wanted to bring my experience in the city to a close. I needed something that would surpass everything else I had seen or done. So even though the price was high, I decided to do the Sydney Bridge Climb. The BridgeClimb experience is a tour that takes you to the top of the Harbour Bridge and it seemed like the perfect way to end my journey.

The Sydney Bridge Climb Experience

People on the Sydney Bridge Climb.
People on the Sydney Bridge Climb. Photo Credit.

BridgeClimb is a unique experience you can partake in during either day or night. I decided to recreate my sunset view from my first day in Sydney and chose to venture on the Sydney Bridge Climb at night.

The one-piece climbing suit has a large belt with a metal hook that attaches to a cable that then leads up the bridge. You ascend the arch until you are directly underneath the Australian flag at the top, a journey that takes about an hour and a half.

As I climbed up through the twilit sky, I saw the Opera House and the Botanic Gardens. The Rocks was lit by the glow of pubs and art galleries, while the waterfront restaurants in Darling Harbour had already opened their doors. Across the harbor, I saw Manly and the residential district of Mosman. From 134 meter in the air, the whole city was like a postcard beneath me. I was farther away, yet the skyline was more familiar than ever before. This view, reminiscent of my first night there, perfectly capped off my time in Sydney. If you find yourself in Sydney, I highly recommend doing the Sydney Bridge Climb. You won’t regret it, I promise! 

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