Visit Boston: From Baseball to Beaches

This piece, “Visit Boston” is part of the PlacePass Hometown series, where we feature the hometowns of our employees. Caty from the PlacePass marketing team calls Boston home.  With a strong claim as the birthplace of the United States, Boston has it all. The city and surrounding regions are brimming with fun activities to while away the summer days. Whether you’re in …

10 Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend in Boston

Think you know a little something about pizza and beer? Or nothing at all? Either way a guided pizza and beer tour is the perfect way to take your knowledge and appetite a little further.


Weekend Getaways in Western Mass

From the lowlands of the Connecticut River Valley to the famous rolling mountains—OK, hills—of the Berkshires, Western Mass. is an attractive destination for that weekend getaway. Small towns sprinkled throughout the region offer homemade ice cream, country stores, and scenic rural drives as well as picturesque colleges and spas.

Best Daytrips from Boston

New England contains an abundance of historic and recreational sites and is small enough that a day trip from Boston is sufficient to visit most of them. For weekend getaways, favorite standbys include the Berkshires, Cape Cod, and Martha’s Vineyard. Amtrak, the commuter rail, buses, and ferries make most destinations accessible without a car.