Seattle Outdoor Dancing: Where and When to Go

What better way to celebrate the summer in Seattle than to kick off your Sunday shoes and join in the outdoor dancing? Thursday nights from mid-July to August, Freeway Park offers free dance parties on a floor rolled out across the tree-lined plaza. Whether you prefer blues, swing, waltz, Latin, country western, or line dancing, there’s an evening of Seattle …

The One Chocolate Festival Chocolate Lovers Can’t Miss

There are a lot of reasons to visit Paris. This picturesque city is full of impressive museums, famous cathedrals, beautiful gardens and countless other must-see attractions. However, one of the best reasons to visit any new city is for the food. For those of you with a sweet tooth, Paris is the place to be. It’s a well-known fact that crêpes, …


Songkran in Thailand : How to celebrate Thai New Year

It’s impossible to hit the streets during Songkran in Thailand, without being hit with streams of water. Songkran is a festival in celebration of the Thai New Year. Originally, water used to symbolize cleansing—to literally wash away the previous year. The more traditional aspect of the festivities is pouring scented water over the shoulders and hands of elders in a request for blessing. Most of …


Five Cork Festivals You Can’t Miss

What do you do when you live in a smallish town and want to spice things up a little? You throw a festival! And for all the festivals that it throws, Cork is a level four spicy habanero sandwich, hosting enough open-air celebrations to fill each month on the calendar twice. With everything from film to finger foods, Cork is sure to have something that’ll grab your attention. Here are our top five festivals in Cork.