On the Water: Hawaii’s 10 Best Adventures

Your trip to Hawaii won’t be complete without a day on the beach or time in the water: Hawaii has 750 mi. of coastline, waters that contain 70% of the reefs in the US, and perfect conditions for a slew of watersports. There a so many fun water activities that it is hard to go wrong, but here are 10 of our favorite water-based adventures.

Best of Hawaii

Learn to surf or just wipe out big time at Waikiki Beach, where the gentle rollers make every wave a party wave.

Top 10 Things To Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream destination and with multiple islands, there is plenty to keep you busy. With so many options for activities, a diverse landscape and a uniquely rich culture, you can find some pretty interesting ways to fill your days there. If a Hawaiian vacation is in your future, check out these top 10 things to do on the Hawaiian islands while you’re there.

Dirt Mountain Biking in Oahu

Kaaawa Valley Mountain biking oahu

Is white sand nice? Yes. Is turquoise water cool? For sure, bruh. But while we at PlacePass endorse good hygiene, sometimes that stuff just gets old. Sometimes, you need to get caked in mud while mountain biking. (But, statistically, probably some manure, too.)


Manoa Waterfall in Oahu, Hawaii

Manoa Falls Oahu Hawaii

You know those pictures of obscenely attractive Instagram models posing under a rainforest waterfall, their makeup weirdly intact? Or maybe those scenes in period dramas where the forbidden lovers have a steamy make-out sesh in a serene still-water pool (also under a waterfall)?

Kauai Travel Tips

All beaches in Hawaii must be open to the public. So don’t limit yourself to the public (and often crowded) beach parks. Anywhere you see a resort, look for the public access signs and you might just enjoy a stretch of beach to yourself.

Molokai Travel Tips

Because of Molokai’s higher gas prices and scarcity of budget accommodations (which means you can’t necessarily stay where the beaches are), you will likely be spending lots of money at the pump. The best bet is to rent a compact car; better gas mileage will soften the financial blow.

Twelve Tips for Maui Travelers

If you decide to tackle Haleakala via bicycle, keep in mind your own physical fitness. Maui Memorial Hospital reports seeing at least 2 to 5 injured cyclists in their emergency room each week with broken bones or facial injuries from downhill rides.

Travel Tips for Visiting Hawaii’s Big Island

Kealakekua Bay is one of the best spots in Hawaii to see spinner dolphins, who make this crescent of water their personal playground. They are slender dolphins, generally 7 ft. long or less, that have dark gray backs and white stomachs. Seemingly natural performers, they leap out of the water to incredible heights before spinning and splashing down. While there’s no schedule for this show, your best bet of catching a glimpse is in the early morning.

KFC: Kauai’s Feral Chickens

kauai feral chickens

A chicken contently clucking and feeding itself is a charming sight; thousands of them nesting in flower gardens and crowing at ­5am, however, is a bloody nightmare. Any visitor to Kauai will quickly see that the island is plagued by the latter scenario. Feral roosters, hens, and their chicks are so used to human presence that they stand poised to gobble up the crumbs from any careless diner. An absence of natural predators and wide availability of food have allowed the chickens to propagate unchecked.