Sydney – Top 10 Things To Do

Ah, Sydney. From the sail-like roof of the Opera House to the world famous Bondi Beach, it is home to many of the most famous Australian landmarks. Here are our top ten picks for things to do in Sydney, Australia.

1. Climb the Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge Things to do in Sydney

This is your opportunity to don a very attractive grey jumpsuit, fight the winds and scale the massive Sydney Harbour Bridge! Not only is the view from the top pretty spectacular, it is one of those achievements you can throw into every conversation for the next ten years. Plus, you’ll even get a photograph to show off your feats back home!


2. Walk around Circular Quay

Circular Quay Things to do in Sydney

Most of Sydney’s attractions are within walking distance, so it’s a great way to see the city. Probably the most famous route (for good reason) is around beautiful Circular Quay. After admiring the Harbour Bridge – as well as all the glitzy mansions around its edges (this is Australia’s Hollywood) you can easily move onto admiring the sail-roofed Opera House.

You can even stop in for a show if you want. However, be warned – this place was built for beauty, not for acoustics. It’s rumored that most opera singers actually hate performing here!


3. Snap a quokka at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo Things to do in Sydney

No visit to Australia is complete without getting up close and personal with its unique and cuddly wildlife. Taronga Zoo is a great place to revert back into an over excited child as you try to spy koala’s up in the trees or snap a picture of a quokka.

Quokka are widely regarded as Australia’s happiest, and most adorable, animal. Of course, don’t tell that to the Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, who thinks he’s pretty cute himself!


4. Walk with sharks at the SeaLife Aquarium

SeaLife Aquarium Things to do in Sydney

Visiting an aquarium may not seem like the most exciting thing to do in Sydney, but once you step inside this spectacle, your opinion is sure to change. A particular favourite is the Shark Walk. It is way cooler than Shark Week and just as safe.

Other exhibits include the Great Barrier Reef exhibit and the crocodile exhibit added in 2008 so a visit sans shark infested water is just as fun.


5. Sydney Harbour cruise – or jet boat!

Harbour Cruise Things to do in Sydney

Sydney Harbour is not only home to Australia’s most famous bridge, but also many of its most well-known, and wealthy, residents. See how the other side lives with a cruise around the Harbour. The cruise is complete with canapés and champagne so you can pretend you too live in a harbourside mansion.

If you prefer adrenaline and action to champagne and canapés, another option is the high-speed jet boat. Jump onto a small boat with a dozen other excited tourists as you’re whisked around Sydney Harbour at breakneck speed. Just be sure you’re passport isn’t in your pocket: this is a wet ride!


6. Bondi & the Northern Beaches

Bondi Beach Things to do in SydneySydney’s northern beaches are more Australian than chucking a u-ey in your Holden ute. They’re beautiful, crowded and quintessentially Sydney. If crowds aren’t your thing, you can try beaches that are a bit further afield such as Warriewood or Bungan Beach.

If you go swimming (and you definitely should), be sure to swim between the flags, and only as far out as you’re comfortable.

No matter how gorgeous the Bondi lifeguards are, you don’t want video of them pulling your bedraggled self out of the water beamed around the world on the next episode of Bondi Rescue. They offer awesome surf lessons on the beach as well for a true Aussie experience.


7. Learn about Aboriginal Culture

Aboriginal Culture Things to do in Sydney

Australia is home to the oldest surviving culture in the world. Unfortunately this part of Australia’s society is often overlooked by visitors. Spend a day or two learning about the rich customs and lore of Aboriginal Australia.

See an entirely different perspective on Sydney. You’re bound to come away with a far deeper understanding of Australia, and the significance of its lands.



8. See the alternative side of Sydney in New Town

New Town Things to do in SydneyWhile Sydney’s glittering landmarks are well-known and impressive, the hidden sides of Sydney can be even more fun. One of the most beloved local haunts is New Town. New Town is a university town that boasts a large student population.

Priding itself on its progressive attitude; the zebra crossings here have been permanently rainbow since residents coloured them in during Mardi Gras and then successfully campaigned to keep them that way.

Spend an afternoon exploring the many shops, including delicious cafes and alternative bike stores. As the afternoon becomes evening, check out any one of the beloved local bars, such as Earl’s Juke Joint with a cool, New Orleans vibe.


9. Eat your way through China Town

Chinatown Things to do in Sydney

One of the things that makes Sydney so fantastic is the many different puzzle pieces which come together to make up Australia’s largest city. One of the most important is Sydney’s China Town.

A buzzing hub that’s today home to a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants located at Haymarket, between Central Station and Darling Harbour. You can basically pick any restaurant, but a particular local favourite is Mamak, which serves delicious, cheap Malaysian food.


10. Sample Sydney’s nightlife

Nightlife Things to do in Sydney

Although Sydney’s nightlife has suffered from a pretty intense shake up in recent years, there are still plenty of spots to find the famous Sydney parties. Catch a ‘neo-burlesque’ show at Slide, a cool bar in Surry Hills. Or perhaps some local talent at the Chinese Laundry in Darling Harbour.

The good news about the 1.30am lockout is you can be up nice and early to keep on exploring Sydney.

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