Venice Grand Canal Tour

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

80+ Euro gondola prices got you feeling lower than the Piazza San Marco? Rest assured, your watery aspirations are still (somewhat) attainable with this guided Venice Grand Canal Tour by water taxi. Swap pitchy opera arias for the priceless know-how of that rare breed: the Venetian local. Your guide will identify landmarks, but also make recommendations, recount popular intrigues and myths, and identify the hotel from Casino Royale (still intact, for those of you dallying in a James Bond daydream).

The flashy, but thrifty, merchants of Venice’s heyday would only decorate the façades of their homes. The canal itself provides the best angle for envy-inciting snapshots of the architecture. So get a feel for the land, literally. At high tide, bridges will smack you in the head if you don’t duck.


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