The Virginia Safari Park Guide

The Virginia Safari Park is located in Natural Bridge, Virginia.  The safari park is on 180 acres of land and they have a drive through safari, a walk through village, public wagon rides and a gift shop.

GiraffeThe drive through safari is one of the best in the country, because guests are allowed to keep their windows down and they get to feed the animals from the inside of their vehicle.  Guests drive around a three mile marked gravel road while watching animals roam alongside them.  The animals are used to interacting with humans and no one should be surprised to have one of the animals reach half of their body into a vehicle to say hello to people in the back seat.  Before entering the drive through safari, people are able to purchase the feed that the animals eat and they have specials that make it more affordable to purchase multiple buckets.  The animals will eat right out of the buckets, however be careful of the camels because they love stealing the buckets from everyone!

kangarooThe walk through village is another experience all together.  There are many animals on exhibit including tigers, cheetahs, monkeys, warthogs, flamingos, tortoises and reptiles.  Guests can walk around the kangaroo enclosure and watch them hop around or nap.  Lucky guests will be able to see the joeys in their mother’s pouches.  Many people would love to be able to get face to face with a giraffe and it is possible at the safari park.  Guests walk up a ramp onto a covered platform and giraffes will come to greet them.  There is giraffe food in vending machines that people can purchase so that they can feed the giraffes as well.  Kids of all ages will love petting all of the animals inside the petting zoo.


deerIf guests do not want to drive their vehicle through the safari, they can choose to take a public wagon ride.  They will still get to experience the animals up close and personal and they still have the opportunity to feed them as well.

Anyone who visits Virginia Safari Park will easily be able to spend the entire day visiting with the animals and having lots of fun.  Everyone is able to drive through the safari as many times as they wish and the only extra charge is for any additional food they want to feed the animals during their drive.


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