Molokai Travel Tips

SAVING MOOLA IN MOLOKAI. Because of Molokai’s higher gas prices and scarcity of budget accommodations (which means you can’t necessarily stay where the beaches are), you will likely be spending lots of money at the pump. The best bet is to rent a compact car; better gas mileage will soften the financial blow.

GOT THE MUNCHIES? Because Molokai doesn’t have many places to eat, especially for dinner, it is a good call to stay somewhere that has a kitchen or kitchenette. The grocery stores are stocked with all the essentials, so you’ll be able to be creative.

TOURS OF KALAUPAPA. The only way to travel through the Kalaupapa Peninsula is as part of an organized tour. It is against the law to explore the peninsula on your own and disrespectful to the area’s residents.

NENE NO-NO! If you see a wild nene, do not approach or try to feed the bird. The state of Hawaii enforces a $50,000 fine for harassing nene.

PRIVATE PARTS. Don’t try to hike to the falls unaccompanied by a guide. Most of the land you must cross to arrive at the falls is private, and nothing irritates Halawa locals more than tourists brazenly trespassing.

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